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Systems, Robotics & Vision Group

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Systems, Robotics & Vision Group

The Systems, Robotics and Vision (SRV) group is integrated by members of the Mathematics & Computer Science Department of the University of the Balearic Islands.The main objective of the group is the development of scientific and engineering hardware/software solutions for real world problems, mainly focusing on industrial and mobile robotics, and also on dependable real-time control systems. Members of the group are involved in different research lines and those lines are reflected in the name of the group.

Underwater Robotics Aerial Robotics
SYSTEMS: CAN-based communications, real-time dependable distributed systems UIB Politechnical School
European Robotics Research Network Comité Español en Automática Robotics & Automation Society Technical Committee on Factory Automation
Oceanic Engineering Society Master on Electronics Engineering IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Network of Excellence on Embedded System Design

Our activities in robotics are related to Service and Field Robotics. Our research has led to the design and development of:

  • land and underwater prototypes for complete mobile robots
  • novel hybrid reactive/deliberative control architectures for mobile robots focusing on real-time, collaborative and learning capabilities
  • novel localization and mapping strategies
  • novel obstacle avoidance strategies
  • simulation environments for mobile robots specifically oriented to training and testing

Our activities in vision are related to Image Processing and Understanding algorithms to be used in visually guided mobile robots. The research performed in this line has led to the design and development of:

  • physics-based algorithms for image segmentation and edge detection
  • algorithms for geometric and radiometric calibration of vision cameras
  • application-specific algorithms for real-time guidance of a robot
  • algorithms for generic visual navigation

In systems we are working on Dependable and Real-Time Distributed Embedded Systems. We work on problems related to the use of the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol in critical applications within the industrial automation and automotive fields. Specific issues that have been addressed are:

  • the identification of inconsistency scenarios in CAN and the proposal of a modification to CAN in order to eliminate those scenarios,
  • the use of redundant hardware and distributed protocols to solve dependability problems in critical applications. This includes the design of duplicated buses, duplicated CAN controllers and triplicated CAN controllers.
  • the design of hardware-implemented clock synchronization services for real-time operation of CAN networks.