Last Generation Robotic Assistant System for Maritime Inspection

Developing the next-generation autonomous robots for aerial multipurpose missions.

Underwater surveying and 3D reconstruction with autonomous vehicles

Using stereo cameras and structured light, SRV recovers the 3D structure of underwater scenarios.

Engineering advanced fault-tolerance mechanisms for critical systems

Developing advanced dependable communication infrastructures for highly-critical distributed applications.

Enabling autonomous multipurpose missions

SRV Group is improving navigation and localization mechanisms for terrestrial, aerial and underwater autonomous vehicles.


Design, formal verification, dependability assessment, implementation and validation by means of fault injection of highly-dependable real-time distributed embedded systems. Fault tolerance mechanisms for the Controller Area Network (CAN) and the FTT-Ethernet protocols.


Design, construction and deployment of mobile robots, including AUVs and UAVs. Multi-robot communications and task assignment in complex scenarios. Innovative simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) techniques for robot navigation and 3D reconstruction.


Algorithms for image processing, visual navigation and scene reconstruction. Monocular and stereo vision systems. Advanced multisensory systems for aerial, terrestrial and underwater robots.

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