EG strategy – simulated experiment

Authors Javier Antich Tobaruela

The EG strategy moves a simulated Pioneer 3-AT robot in an environment with a spiral-shaped obstacle and several narrow passages.

Click here to see or download the video (for a better visualization, we recommend to download it).

As can be appreciated in the above figure, the environment contains a large spiral-like obstacle. To get out from this spiral, the robot is forced to pass through a long passage, which is labelled with the letter A. Besides, the entrance to this passage ꟷsee letter Bꟷ is very narrow (just a few centimeters wider than the Pioneer 3-AT’s body). Attached to the top-right side of the spiral, there is another passage ꟷnow, with a meandering shapeꟷ, which is labelled with the letter C. The entrance and exit points to this passage ꟷsee letters D and E, respectivelyꟷ are as narrow as B.

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