First Analysis of the AVB’s Stream Reservation Protocol in the Context of TSN

Authors Daniel Bujosa Mateu | Drago Cavka | Inés Álvarez Vadillo | Julián Proenza Arenas
In 17th International Workshop on Real-Time Networks (RTN 2019), 2019.

The Audio Video Bridging Task Group (AVB TG) from the IEEE proposed a series of standards to provide Ethernet with soft real-time guarantees. Later on, the group was renamed to Time-Sensitive Networking and its scope was broadened to provide new services to more critical applications. The Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) stands out among the projects developed by the groups. Nonetheless, SRP was originally designed for audio/video applications and does not take into account properties that are important for critical systems; such as termination and consistency. In this work we study the termination and consistency of the reservations using AVB’s SRP. We used Uppaal to model the protocol and to verify the properties. We see that SRP does not provide these properties, we discuss how this can impact critical applications and we propose solutions for some of the issues detected and a roadmap to solve the rest.



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