FT4FTT final prototype demo

Authors Alberto Ballesteros

This video presents the final prototype of FT4FTT, which is an infrastructure for dependable systems based on Ethernet. The communication subsystem of FT4FTT is built on top of Hard Real-Time Ethernet Switching (HaRTES), a switched-Ethernet implementation of the Flexible Time-Triggered paradigm (FTT). FTT, in turn, makes it possibles for distributed nodes to exchange real-time periodic and aperiodic data, in a flexible manner. By flexible we mean that FTT ensures that changes in the communication requirements can be managed on-line. Finally, to achieve high-reliability, FT4FTT provides redundancy at several different levels to distributed embedded systems.

Here we show how the FT4FTT prototype is able to tolerate permanent faults in the communication channel while a replicated distributed embedded system controls a simulated inverted pendulum.


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