Reconfigurable AUV for intervention missions: a case study on underwater object recovery

Authors Mario Prats | David Ribas | Narcís Palomeras | Juan Carlos Carcía | Volker Nannen | Stephan Wirth | José Javier Fernández | Joan Pau Beltran Amengual | Ricard Campos | Pere Ridao | Pedro J. Sanz | Gabriel Oliver Codina | Marc Carreras | Nuno Gracias | Raúl Marín | Alberto Ortiz Rodriguez
In Intelligent Service Robotics, Springer, vol. 5, pp. 19--31, 2012.

Starting in January 2009, the RAUVI (Reconfigurable Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Intervention Missions) project is a 3-year coordinated research action funded by the Spanish Ministry of Research and Innovation. In this paper, the state of progress after 2 years of continuous research is reported. As a first experimental validation of the complete system, a search and recovery problem is addressed, consisting of finding and recovering a flight data recorder placed at an unknown position at the bottom of a water tank. An overview of the techniques used to success- fully solve the problem in an autonomous way is provided. The obtained results are very promising and are the first step toward the final test in shallow water at the end of 2011.


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