Temporal Replication of Messages for Adaptive Systems using a Holistic Approach

Authors Alberto Ballesteros | Manuel Alejandro Barranco González | Sergi Arguimbau Guarinos | Marc Costa | Julián Proenza Arenas
In Proceedings of the IEEE 24th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2019), Zaragoza, 2019.

Critical Adaptive Distributed Embedded Systems (ADES) must meet high real-time and dependability requirements, while autonomously rearranging themselves to operate in dynamic operational contexts. The DFT4FTT project proposes a self-reconfigurable complete infrastructure, whose different architectural levels provide a set of real-time (RT), fault-tolerance (FT) and flexibility mechanisms that collaborate to adequately support critical ADESs. To efficiently tolerate transient faults in the network of an ADES, this paper describes our ongoing work on providing a dynamic temporal replication of messages that takes into account all the DFT4FTT fault-tolerance mechanisms from a holistic point of view.



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