Towards a Fault-Tolerant Architecture based on Time-Sensitive Networking

Authors Inés Álvarez Vadillo | Manuel Alejandro Barranco González | Julián Proenza Arenas
In 4ª Edición de las Jornadas de ACM Celebrations: Informática para tod@s, A Coruña, Spain, 2019.

The Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Task Group has been working on describing a set of standards that will provide enhanced capabilities to standard Ethernet. Specifically, they work to provide Ethernet with real-time, reconfiguration and reliability capacities. Nevertheless, this set of standards (commonly referred to as TSN) does not cover some reliability aspects that are relevant for the correct operation of critical distributed control systems. Thus, in this work we present a first proposal of a highly reliable architecture and a set of mechanisms based on TSN to support the real-time and reliability requirements of these critical systems.


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